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 ====== ShowScience 19 Registration Form ====== ====== ShowScience 19 Registration Form ======
-**Please fill the form below for registration to ShowScience 2019 in Turku, Finland.** 
 +**Registration to the conference ShowScience 2019 is now closed. **
-Fieldset "​ShowScience 19 Registration form -- Personal details"​ 
-select ​ "​Title"​ "Mr | Ms | Dr" 
-textbox "First name" ​ 
-textbox "Last name" 
-email "​Email_Address"​ 
-textbox "Phone Number"​ ! 
-textbox "Name of the show" 
-textbox "​City"​ 
-textbox "​Country"​ 
-textbox "​Webpage of your show" ! 
-select "Do you want your show to be ESF member?"​ "Yes | No" 
-textarea "​Description of your show:" ! 
-Fieldset "​ShowScience 12 Registration form -- Accommodation details"​ 
-select "​Attendance"​ "Whole conference (thu to tue) | Partial, specified in comments"​ 
-select "Hotel on 10th of April" "Yes | No" 
-select "Will you attend the conference by car?" "Yes | No" 
-textarea "​Accommodation Comments:"​ ! 
-textbox "​Special diet" ! 
-Fieldset "​ShowScience 18 Registration form -- Participation details"​ 
-select "Will you present your show?" "Yes | No" 
-textbox "​Title"​ ! 
-select "Does your performance include fireworks?"​ "Yes | No" 
-textarea "​Abstract:​ (max 150 words)"​ ! 
-Fieldset "​ShowScience 18 Registration form -- Common show" 
-select "​Participation to the common show?" "Yes | No" 
-select "Does your performance include fireworks?"​ "Yes | No" 
-textarea "​Material needed for the common show:" ! 
-Action mail olivier.gaumer@unige.ch jlinden@abo.fi otso.helos@gmail.com @@email_address@@ 
-Thanks "Thank you for your registration to ShowScience 19. A copy has been sent to your email address. Please note that the common show will be held on Sunday"​ 
-Fieldset "​Submit"​ 
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