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Bonn used to be the capital of Germany until the reunion of west and east germany in 1990. Today there are still ministerial institutions located in Bonn. Famous for it's musical inheritance the birthplace of Beethoven is situated right next to the Rhine river. Today Bonn is still a place with a lot of cultural activities particularly in music and arts. Bonn is also well known for the factory outlet of Haribo (founded by Hans Riegel in Bonn). Every spring the “Heerstrasse” in the old part of the town turns into a colourful spectacle when the cherry trees blossom.

Bonn is very close to Cologne which is also worth a visit with it's famous gothic cathedral. Being of Roman origin there are still many places to be visited, showing the city's long history. Additionally, cologne is loved for it's special, light beer called Kölsch. With it's very own brewery laws cologne offers a unique beer culture which can be seen in the many different brewerys.

Bonn is located in the “Rheinland” which is close to the Mosel area. Therefore, the area southwards from Bonn is dominated by beautiful scenery and it is influenced by the wine culture from the Mosel. On Sunday the 2nd of April the local and international wine culture can be experienced during the wine fair “KölnWein”.

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