Physikshow Universität Bonn

The Physikshow of the University Bonn was founded in 2002 by Prof. Herbert Dreiner and Michael Kortmann. We present at least twice a year a set of three shows. These shows are usually created by the newest physics bachelor students. The shows consist of various experiments whose physics background we explain to the audience in a comprehensible and entertaining way embedded in a storyline. Besides the shows on classical physics we also present shows on particle physics which are executed by students advanced in their studies.

Due to the high success in Bonn we were able to present our shows more globally. More regular visits within Germany include the “Deutsches Museum” in Munich, “DESY” in Hamburg and “Bayer” in Leverkusen. The particle physics shows are shown in Bonn but also internationally. Most recently we visited Denmark, China, Italy and Great Britain.

The work of the students and the supporting staff from the university was awarded with the Alumni prize by the university of Bonn and with the internationally recognised HEPP Division Outreach Prize.

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