Sprengjugengið is a group of chemistry and biochemistry students at the Iceland University. They have become notorious for their magnificent shows where all sorts of chemistry tricks are used to entertain the audience. During the shows, the main priority is to introduce the public to chemistry by showing a variety of chemical reactions and physical properties of matter. The shows normally end with powerful explosions which have become one of the biggest attractions of the shows and Sprengjugengið even derives its name from them.

In 2007, an experienced chemistry teacher at the University of Iceland called together a group of students and together they began experimenting with demonstrative chemical reactions that they thought could spark interest in chemistry and physical sciences. Their first show was held on the Reykjavík Culture Night the same year.

Being a member of Sprengjugengið has its risks. Some of the preparation work done before show involves handling unstable chemicals and strong acids. Therefore, it is necessary that new members have finished the first year in chemistry or biochemistry, show interest in the subject and have received a good evaluation from their teachers – for the academic part as well as the labwork.

Most shows are held in cooperation with the University of Iceland but the numbers of requests from other parties increase every day. Sprengjugengið has held shows at various occasions, such as the University Day, Reykjavík Culture Night, Vísindavaka, Culture Day of Children and at the Youth‘s University. When the Iceland University celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011, the team traveled around Iceland with the University Train and stopped in nine places. The shows are without exceptions very well attended.

Our ultimate goal is to create an awakening in the interest of chemistry and science in general. We will continue this important work as long as there are chemistry students who are passionate about sharing the wonderful world of chemistry with others.

Contact information:

Katrín Lilja Sigurðardóttir email: katrinlilja@hi.is

More information can be found on the facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/sprengjugengid

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