Stichting Proefjes

Stichting Proefjes
Arno Verweij


Stichting Proefjes means Little Science Experiments Foundation. The organization started in 2004 as a group of students and was formally established as a foundation in 2005. The objective is to introduce natural sciences to young children by means of do-it-yourself science experiments. Two of the main projects are the website (since 2004) and the science shows Proefjeslab (since 2011).

The website contains a database with over 180 DIY science experiments about physics, chemistry, and biology. The primary target group of the website is children in primary school that have basic reading skills, i.e. 8 to 12-year-olds, and their teachers. All experiments have step by step descriptions and can be performed with safe every materials. The website contains free worksheets and lesson plans for teachers.

The interactive science shows at festivals are called Proefjeslab. They have a capacity of 25 children and take 25 to 45 minutes. During the show we do some demonstration experiments and let children help and the children can do some experiments by themselves. We use simple DIY experiments and try to enlarge the setup for impact. At the end we hand out postcards of the website, so children can continue to experiment at home.

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