Science Live

Science Live
Southwestern Europe
Miguel Gomes

Science Live is a presenter-led physics show offered by the Science Museum, University of Coimbra. Aimed at schoolchildren, its major objective is to provide students with discussion topics to further the exploration of the Museum’s exhibitions. Drawing on curricular subjects, participants are invited to propose hypothesis for the experiments’ results, which are also debated with participants. This is a means to encourage students to interpret data and reflect upon the scope and limitations of their conclusions. The show is always performed within school visits, which usually include our 18th century Physics Cabinet. The Physics Cabinet includes scientific instruments from the 18th and 19th centuries. Visiting this space involves mentally recreating a few experiments done with the instruments in exhibition, and also an historical account of experimental Physics and its technological applications. In this context, Science Live can be described as an experiment-based interactive experience, designed to engage schoolchildren in Physics.

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