Physik Show "Zauberhafte Physik"

Physik Show "Zauberhafte Physik"
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Arnulf Quadt

Undergraduate and graduate students prepare experiments and present them in a show along with music and a self-written plot to faculty members, the general public or in the context of the childrens University in Goettingen. We also had a “Physik Show on Tour” event early in 2010.

Physics in Advent

For the third time, Physik Show “Zauberhafte Physik” offers the physics Christmas calendar “PiA - Physics in Advent”:

On this web page, we show a little physics experiment every day, which children and teenager can do themselves at home or with their friends with household material. They figure out the answer to our question, enter their solution via multiple choice on our web page and get to,see our answer as well as a new experiment then next day again via video. At Xmas, everyone gets an individual certificate for download and printing. The best participants can also win prizes in the category individual player, school class or school.

For the first time we offer the project not only in German, but also in English and French (subtitles).

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