Participants by Location

A list of EPF participants filtered by Location.

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ParticipantLocation Region
ÅA Physics showBaltic
Estonian Science BusBaltic
Helsinki Physics ShowBaltic
Kalu, Malu, GreziuBaltic
Fusion Road ShowBenelux
Mobiele practicaBenelux
Science on TourBenelux
Stichting ProefjesBenelux
Stichting RinoBenelux
Stichting TechniekpromotieBenelux
TU DelftBenelux
Department of Physics EducationCentral-Eastern Europe
iQparkCentral-Eastern Europe
JolantaCentral-Eastern Europe
Paradox ShowCentral-Eastern Europe
Physics Show GdanskCentral-Eastern Europe
Project WiembusCentral-Eastern Europe
Przyroda=PrzygodaCentral-Eastern Europe
Die Physikanten & co.DACH
Physik Show "Zauberhafte Physik"DACH
Physikshow Universität BonnDACH
Cirkus NaturligvisScandinavia
DTU Science ShowScandinavia
Fysikkshow BergenScandinavia
Fysikshow AalborgScandinavia
Fysikshow AarhusScandinavia
Fysikshow OdenseScandinavia
Physics Show UmeåScandinavia
Plasma and Fusion Road ShowScandinavia
Fizika EkspresSoutheastern Europe
Novi Sad Physics ShowSoutheastern Europe
Physics aliveSoutheastern Europe
Physics is mighty as it is easySoutheastern Europe
Skupina za Verizni eksperimentSoutheastern Europe
CT2 SrlSouthwestern Europe
Jardin ExpérimentalSouthwestern Europe
Science LiveSouthwestern Europe
vulgarisation.frSouthwestern Europe
Cambridge Hands on ScienceUK & Ireland
Oxford Particle PhysicsUK & Ireland
PhatPhysicsUK & Ireland
Science made SimpleUK & Ireland
Learn DifferentlyUK & Ireland
True Physics ProjectUK & Ireland
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