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EuroScienceFun (ESF) is a cooperative project between European science shows, which works towards forming a community of science shows. Furthermore, ESF seeks to promote science shows as a method of science communication, by increasing the visibility of the science show community to interested parties.

Currently, ESF represents 51 show science groups in 23 countries. In total, these groups reach about 750.000 people per year.

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ShowScience 2018 annoucement

We are proud to announce the next annual ESF conference ShowScience 2018, which will be held at VŠB - Technical univesity of Ostrava, Czech Republic, from the 10th to the 14th of April 2018.

This conference is aimed at bringing together groups with science show experience and people who would like to set up a new science show.

The conference will contain lectures by experts on science communication from across Europe, as well as plenty of hands-on experimental sessions where the science shows can exchange ideas, and where the new groups can learn and share about science communication.

Registration will be open the 1st of December 2017. Attendance of this Conference is for fee 100 EUR for each participant, including accommodation for 5 nights from Monday to Saturday and other conference costs except travelling expenses. Fee is required to pay in advance.

The registration deadline is fixed on 20th of march 2018.

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Updated Newsletter mailinglist!

Old and outdated email addresses can start to pile up over the course of 10 years, and mailinglists have also become much nicer to use. That's why we've given our newsletter mailinglist an update! Now to using MailChimp, we can more easily send nicer announcements and keep better track of who is interested in ESF.

We also want to make use of this moment to have everyone confirm if they are still interested in receiving our newsletter. Everyone who was already subscribed to the newsletter should have received an invitation to easily sign up for our new list. Haven't received this email? No worries! Feel free to sign up yourself by visiting the newsletter page on this wiki or external sign up form.

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