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Superabsorbent polymer: fake snow


This is a very simple experiment that shows how much water some polymers can absorb.

Description of the Experiment

The experiment is in two parts:

  • In the first one, fake snow powder (a few grams) is mixed with water (0.5 L) in a freezer bag. It makes instant snow, with a huge increase of the volume. The texture of fake the fake snow is dry although it is mainly made of water.
  • Adding table salt on fake snow makes it release its water and it becomes liquid again.

Safety Information


Equipment and materials

  • Fake snow powder (it is crosslinked sodium polyacrylate). It can be found in Christmas shops, or on Amazon…
  • Freezer bag. Making the fake snow in the freezer bag is very impressive as the audience see the snow forming and growing in a few seconds.
  • Table salt


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