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Recipe for Slime


Make some Slime, a disgusting substance, a gel that contains 95% of water.

Description of the Experiment

Mix the content of two bottles containing water-like liquids while stirring at the same time.

Equipment and materials

Two bottles have to be prepared: a solution of boric acid and a bottle of polyvinyl acrylate (PVA).

You need:

  • Boric acid (white crystals)
  • PVA with a high molecular weight (> 10000?)

Dissolve in one bottle of water 4% w/w of boric acid and in another 4% w/w of PVA. These are not easily soluble into water, so you need to stir for a few days (you can also heat).

Also add some colouring!

During the show, add slowly boric acid into the PVA solution and stir. It makes a gel. If you keep pouring boric acid, it becomes liquid again.

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