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Nitrogen fountain


We will create a fountain with liquid nitrogen

A volunteer demonstrating the experiment

Description of the Experiment

Put the glass tubes fully through the stopper. Make sure there is about a centimeter clearance between the buttom of the brass tube and the glass tubes.

Put the brass tube on a firm surface. You can whet the surface so the brass tube will freeze to it.

Person 1 holds the brass tube firmly with one hand, and the stopper with the other hand.

Person 2 fills the brass tube with liquid nitrogen and steps away.

Person 1 puts the stopper in the tube. Make sure both glass tubes go in. He crouches down so that he is completely below the mouth of the glass tubes. He presses down on the stopper firmly.

After the experiment stops doing anything, person 1 takes the stopper and glass tubes out of the brass tubes and shows there's no nitrogen left in the brass tube.

Safety Information

Do not aim at anyone. Make sure you are below the business end of this experiment when you preform. Do not preform this experiment with cold tubes (the nitrogen will not evaporate and you will get more liquid nitrogen raining on you than is usual or comfortable.)

Always wear safety glasses and cryogloves for this experiment.

Equipment and materials

  • A brass tube
  • a rubber stopper
  • 2 glass tubes
  • Safety goggles
  • Cryogloves

The big tube is made of some metal, I think brass. There is a handle welded on, But its not necessary for the demonstration and I don't think it's needed for safety. The bottom is welded on.

The rubber stopper could also be made from cork (ours was in the distant past). There are two holes in it. I believe these were made by freezing the rubber stopper so it was hard and then drilling. These holes are made to snugly fit around the glass tubes. The rubber stopper fits snugly in the glass tube.

The two glass tubes are Borosilicate glass. They are long enough to go from the bottom of the brass tube to above the rubber stopper.



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