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Incandescent lamp in liquid nitrogen


Everyone knows that the bulb around the the tungsten wire in an incandescent lamp is made to protect the wire from oxygen, which burns and destroy the lamp almost instantaneously. This experiment shows that we can make a lamp work without the bulb by putting the lamp into liquid nitrogen.

Description of the Experiment

Take a lamp, screw it on the base with the switch off and break the bulb very carefully in order not to break the tungsten wire.Put the lamp set into the liquid nitrogen. Now you can switch it on.

One can see it does not burn, and the liquid nitrogen is boiling strongly, because the tungsten is getting very hot.

Safety Information

When you break the bulb of the lamp be careful not to cut the tungsten wire. Also be careful that 220 V and 16 Amps are running into the tungsten, so keep the lamp off until it's in the liquid nitrogen.

Equipment and materials

An incandescent lamp, a transparent dewar and some liquid nitrogen.


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