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Flame Emission


What is the origin of color? Color is the result of either absorption or emission of visible light. This demonstration shows emission of light as a result of heating with a flame.

Description of the Experiment

Small amounts (100mg) of selected inorganic salts (NaCl, SrCl2, CuSO4 etc) are placed in 5 cm diameter porcelain cups. 2 ml of methanol are added and ignited. After a small time, the flames present typical emission colors of the metals contained in the salts.

Safety Information

Methanol is a toxic and flammable liquid. Use only the indicated amount, keep the bottle closed otherwise. The methanol must be added shortly before the ignition.

Equipment and materials

Metal salts : NaCl, CuSO4, SrCl2 etc methanol disposable pipets porcelain dishes


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