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"Drinking" Liquid Nitrogen


Can one drink Liquid Nitrogen. Yes, it is liquid, but one can even drink poison and maybe that isn't a good idea. Therefore will we use a balloon as a volunteer instead of drinking it ourselves.

Description of the Experiment

The experiment shows what happens if one should accidentally drink Liquid Nitrogen.

Pour Liquid Nitrogen in the pyrex glass. Put the balloon on top of it. The balloon will slowly inflate. When it is about half inflated, turn the glass upside down, so the rest of the Liquid Nitrogen will pour into the balloon. Twist the balloon to close it, remove the glass. Shake the balloon in a extended arm, away from people. After a few seconds the balloon will burst.

Safety Information

The balloon will burst loudly, so wear ear protection and kindly ask viewers to cover their ears. Use normal Liquid Nitrogen awareness. When the balloon bursts, some Liquid Nitrogen will shoot out, so point away from people. Be aware, sometimes the balloon can get at small hole near the opening. If this happens, drop the balloon and try again.

Equipment and materials

Liquid Nitrogen Small pyrex bottle (25 ml) Round balloon Ear protection


See also: Growing Balloon

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