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-====== About ====== +~~REDIRECT>​about:​epf~~
- +
-The main goal of EuroPhysicsFun is to establish a European community of show physics groups. Show physics is often an ad-hoc activity done by people from very diverse backgrounds,​ such as students, university staff, actors, science centers and teachers. Such a diverse community represents a great untapped resource for high-quality science communication. +
- +
-EPF actively encourages the exchange of best practices between science shows by means of conferences and exchange programs. In this manner, the knowledge which is present in each physics show is made available to the community and the quality of the physics shows can be improved. +
- +
-====== Activities ====== +
- +
-The main event on the EPF calendar is the annual //Show Physics// conference, at which groups from all over Europe gather to exchange best practices and share ideas. This conference is organized each year by one of the physics shows participating in the network. +
- +
-Furthermore,​ EPF seeks to promote science shows as a method of science communication. It does this by encouraging projects which showcase science shows, by encouraring research into science shows and by establishing a central entry point for science event organizers +
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