EuroScienceFun is currently run by a group of four people:

Olivier Gaumer


Olivier is a particle physicist. He obtained his PhD in France in 2004 and was a post doc at University of Geneva until 2008. Olivier is currently in charge of the outreach of the physics department of University of Geneva and is responsible of the physics contents of the PhysiScope.

Katrín Lilja Sigurðardóttir


Katrin obtained her Masters degree in Chemistry in 2014 and is currently a Chemistry teacher at the University of Iceland. She has represented the Chemistry show Sprengjugengið since 2010. Katrin has also been the mentor for the Icelandic students in the Chemistry Olympiad since 2012.

Kasper Medum


Kasper is a physics graduate student from Aarhus University, Denmark. Next to the physics he is doing a minor in Sports Science. In 2012 he joined Fysikshow Aarhus. He stepped into the ESF board in 2014.

Jakub Šesták


Jakub has been working in the first Czech science centre iQLANDIA since 2009. He was one of the founders of the iQLANDIA Science Show and presented it for years. He joined the board right after ESF 2015 in iQLANDIA.

Corjan Meijerink


Corjan joined Rino in 2014 and participated in his first ESF in 2015. Currently he studies Computer Sciences & Economics in Leiden and loves to learn about science. When the ESF board was in need of a new webmaster in 2017 he decided to join the board.

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